About the Journal

Vietnam Journal of Science, Technology and Engineering (VJSTE) is an open access, quarterly double-blind peer-reviewed academic journal. VJSTE publishes research articles and review articles in all areas of science, technology and engineering with the focus on the life sciences and environmental sciences including the following topics: Agriculture, Medicine, Pharmacology, Biology, Biotechnology, Biomedical Applications, Ecology, Climatology, Environmental Sciences.

Classification Scheme

1. Mathematics and Computer Science
    1.1. Mathematics
    1.2. Computer Science
    1.3. Computational Science

2. Physical Sciences
    2.1. Physics
    2.2. Chemistry
    2.3. Engineering

3. Life Sciences
    3.1. Agriculture
    3.2. Medicine
    3.3. Pharmacology
    3.4. Biology
    3.5. Biotechnology
    3.6. Biomedical Applications

4. Earth Sciences
    4.1. Geography
    4.2. Geology
    4.3. Geophysics
    4.4. Oceanography

5. Environmental Sciences
    5.1. Ecology
    5.2. Climatology
    5.3. Environmental Science

Author fees

VJSTE is under the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam, and currently we are sponsored and funded by the Ministry. For this reason, all the author fees will be exempted. And the readership subscription is also free for everyone.