Muskmelon (Cucumis melo reticulatus) is a high-value fruit, widely grown in the world, growers can earn hundreds of millions VND per month using high technologies. In Vietnam, people have started growing muskmelon in recent years; however, the varieties grown in Vietnam are usually imported, with very high prices of seed (about 14,000 VND per seed).

With the increasing demand of muskmelon production in Vietnam, the Institute of Crops Research and Development (Vietnam National University of Agriculture) has successfully developed the muskmelon F1 hybrid VNUA68. The muskmelon VNUA68 is a hybrid from the cross combination between MLWO050718 and MLGR150718, with a short growth duration (30 days from planting to flowering and 75 days from planting to first harvesting). Fruit weight is 1.5-2.0 kg with a thin shell, the flesh of dark yellow with good characteristics as softly crispy and sweet, Brix 13-15%, good fragrance, and yield of 45-60 tons/ha. In addition to supplying VNUA68 muskmelon seeds, the Institute of Crops Research and Development also supports training and technology transfer for those who need to produce this type of muskmelon.


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