Tran Thanh Hai


Hai Thanh Tran, PhD

Professor of Geology



Gender: Male

Date of birth: 22nd January 1965

Place of birth: Thai Nguyen, Vietnam

Nationality: Vietnam

Current Employer: Hanoi University of Mining and Geology

Address: Department of Geology, Hanoi University of Mining and Geology, Hanoi, Vietnam;

Phone: (+84) 24 3838  5093, Fax: (+84) 24 3838 9633,




June 1998 - Sept. 2001: University of Regina, Canada

                                       PhD in Geology

June 1995 - Dec. 1997: University of Regina, Canada 

                                      Master of Science in Geology

Oct. 1982 - Dec.1987: Hanoi University of Mining and Geology

                                     Engineer of Geology, Vietnam


Present position     

- Professor and researcher of Structural Geology, Geology and Naturtal Resources of Vietnam, and Tectonics;

- Head of the Department of Geology, Hanoi Unviersity of Mining and Geology;

- Rector, Hanoi Unviersity of Mining and Geology.

Research Experience

June - Sept. 1996: Mapping and structural interpretation of Burntwood Group, Pelican Narrows area, northern Saskatchewan, Canada.

June - Sept. 1997: Mapping and structural interpretation of Wollaston Group, Burbidge Lake area, Cree Lake Zone, northern Saskatchewan, Canada.

June - Sept. 1998: Mapping and structural interpretation of Wollaston Group, Daly-Suttle Lakes area, Cree Lake Zone, northern Saskatchewan, Canada.

June - Sept. 1999: Mapping and structural interpretation of Wollaston Group, McKenzie Falls, Cup-Keller-Schmitz Lakes and Lower Foster Lake areas, Cree Lake Zone, northern Saskatchewan, Canada.

2003: Leader of ministerial project on “Study of deformational styles and tectonic regime of geological entities in Lai Chau area on the basis of plate tectonic principles”, funded by the Ministry of Education and Training, Vietnam.

2002 - 2006: Trainee and co-trainer of the INWENT (Germany) Regional program on “Integrated Coastal Zone Management” Training Program for Vietnam-Indonesia-Philippines.

2004 - 2005: Leader of ministerial basic scientific project on “Geo-structural investigation along Da River, section Lai Chau - Son La”, funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Vietnam.

2004 - 2007: Secretary of project on “Geology and metallogeny of northeastern Vietnam and southeastern China”, Vietnam-China intergovernmental scientific project sponsored by the governments of Vietnam and China.

2006 - 2008: Leader of ministerial basic scientific project on “The existence, nature, and role of Song Ma Suture Zone in the tectonic framework of Northwest Vietnam”, funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Vietnam.

2008 - 2011: Research associate for the project on “Tectonics and Metallogeny of Southeast Asia with the Centre of Excellence in Ore Deposits”, managed by the University of Tasmania, Australia.

2009 - 2013: Leader of national basic scientific project on “The nature of suture zones in Northern Vietnam”, No. 105-06-70-09, funded by National Foundation for Science and Technology Development (NAFOSTED), Vietnam.

2009 - 2013: Leader of ministerial project on “The nature and tectonic setting of pillow basalts in Cao Bang - Lang Son area and their significance in regional tectonic interpretation”, No. B2009-02-68, funded by the Ministry of Education and Training, Vietnam.

2009 - 2013: Leader of national project on “Study and evaluation of active tectonics along coastal zone of central Vietnam and its role in natural hazards for the prediction and mitigation of natural hazards in the condition of climate change”, No. BDKH-42, funded by the National Scientific and Technological Program for National Focus Program on Climate Change Response, Vietnam.

2012 - 2014: Research associate for the project on “Mineral deposits of Southeast Asia”, managed by the University of Tasmania, Australia.

2013 - 11/2018: Vice Rector, Hanoi University of Mining and Geology.

2016 - 8/2020: Leader of national project on “Study the influence of neotectonics on flow variation along major river catchments in Central Vietnam for the protection of rivers, applied for Vu Gia - Thu Bon catchment”, No. BDKH.13/16-20, funded by the National Scientific and Technology in response to Climate Change, Resource and Environment Management No. BDKH 13/16-20, Vietnam.

2/2018 - present: Rector, Hanoi University of Mining and Geology.

2019 - present: Leader of Ministerial Project on “Nature of high-grade metamorphic assemblages in the eastern margin of Kon Tum Block and its significance to geological evolution of Indochina”, No. B2019-MDA-562-15DT, funded by the Ministry of Education and Training, Vietnam.


Professional Interests and Skills

Professional interests: 

- Structural geology and tectonics of orogenic belts.

- Structural controls on geo-resources (metallic, industrial mineral and energy deposits, and geo-heritages.

- Structural and tectonic controls on geo-hazards and environment.

- Natural resources management and Sustainable development

Language Proficiency: Vietnamese, English.

Journal Editorial Board member: A Geoscience Letters (2015-2018); Environmental Earth Sciences (Guest editor, 2011); Mining and Earth Sciences, Vietnam Journal of Earth Sciences; Vietnam Journal of Geology; VNU Journal of Sciences;  Discover Water (Springer).

Scientific Organization’s Membership: Asian-Oceana Geological Society (AOGS), Vietnam General Association of Geology, Vietnam Association of Tectonics



1996: Fuzesy Award of the Saskatchewan Geological Society for best poster presentation at the Saskatchewan Open House 1996, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, November, 1996.

2001: Best Poster Presentation on Precambrian Research of the Precambrian Division, Geological  Association of Canada at the Geological Association of Canada-Mineralogical Association of Canada Annual Meeting 2001, St. John’s, Newfoundland, May 2001.

2008 - 2009: Australian Leadership Awards Fellowships for 2008 - 2009 of Australian Scholarships Group, AustralianmAgency for International Development (AusAID).

2015: Recipient of Ta Quang Buu Award for “Best Basic Scientific Works” in 2015. Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam.

2017: “Golden Book of Vietnam’s Creativity 2017” awarded by the Central Commity of Fatherland Front of Vietnam.


Scientific Archivements

Publication Statistics

Total Publications: 82

RG Score: 22.81

GS Hindex: 12

GS i10-index: 14

RG Reads: 11 222

GS Citations: 741


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Conference Proceedings

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Reference persons

Dr. K. Bethune, Assoc. Proferssor, Department of Geology, University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan, S4S 0A2; Phone: (306) 585 4270, Fax: (306) 585 5433; E-mail:

Dr. K. Ansdell, Professor, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7N 5E2, Phone: (306) 966 5698, Fax: (306) 966 8593. E-mail:

Dr. Khin Zaw, Professor, Centre for Excellence in Ore Deposits, School of Earth Sciences, University of Tasmania, Australia, Private Bag 126, Hobart, Tasmania 7001; Phone: (3) 6226 2787, Fax: (3) 6226 7662, E-mail:

Mr. Steve Dudka, Chief representative, Archipelago Resources PLC (VN), 14 Au Co street, Tay Ho district, Hanoi, Vietnam; Phone: 84 4 37193063, Fax: 84 4 37192960, E-mail:


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Hanoi, December 30, 2021

Hai Thanh Tran