Trong Trinh Phan

Professor Trong  Trinh Phan

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Studies and academic degrees



Graduate           Geology-geography

Hanoi Unversity


Master -DEA             Geophysics

University of Paris 7


Doctorate                   Geophysics

University of Paris 7 and Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris


Post-doctorate, remote sensing

Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris





Director of Research


Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology

2010 - present

Full Professor

Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology

2013 - present



Permanent associate member, International Centre for Theoretical Physics (UNESCO – IAEA), Italy, from 1998-2005

Corresponding member, Royal Academy for Oversea Sciences (Belgium, from 2006-present).

President, Scientific Council of  Institute of Geological Sciences, VAST

President, Scientific Council of  Faculty of Earth Science, Graduate University of Science and Technology – VAST

President, Vietnam Association of Tectonics.

Editor-in-chief, Vietnam Journal of  Earth Sciences, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology ( from  2016).

Editorial board  member, International Journal of Tropical  Geography (from 2010- present)

Expert board member, National Council of Nuclear Safety, (2012 –present)

Member, Council of Earth and Environmental Science, NAFOSTED (2016-present)


Main Publications

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