Clark Gedney

Position: Director, Bio Media Center for Instructional Computing
Office: LILY 1-126
Phone: 765-494-4921
Area: Director, Bio Media Center for Instructional Computing


Biological Sciences, Purdue University

9/1989 – present


Southwestern Health Science Center at Dallas

Post-Doctoral Fellowship 1974-76 - National Kidney Foundation, renal physiology

1974 – 1976

Purdue University

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Biological Sciences, Neurophysiology and Vision Research

1968 – 1975

Graduate Research in Visual Physiology, Ph.D.

Austin College

Bachelor’s Degree, Biology, Chemistry

1964 – 1968

Undergraduate, primary major, Biology


Currently teaching three courses:
Macromolecular Structure, Junior level, 2008 - present, co-taught with Wen Jiang

Explorations in Protein Structure, Senior level, 2004 - present. Visualization techniques, and sequence and domain analysis of protein structure.

Introduction to LabVIEW™ Programming, Senior level, 2000 - present. Data acquisition, analysis and control using LabVIEW™. Includes teaching and/or construction of simple electronics: Transducer/amplifier circuits, Peltier Driver circuit, Digital stepper motor, BeagleBone Black.

Director, BioMedia Center for Instructional Design, Biological Sciences, Purdue. (1989 - present)

Director, HHMI Summer Biology Experience (SBE), Biological Sciences, Purdue. (2003 - present) SBE offers intense training for precollege students and teachers In basic cross-disciplinary laboratory skills and concepts. 
Director, preCollege Research Opportunities (PRO) Since 2006, the research experiences of ≈ a dozen high school and middle school students per year are mentored in a special cross-discipline laboratory at Purdue University/Biological Sciences. 
Assistant Director, Lafayette Regional Science and Engineering Fair - Start unknown. Actual 40+ years experience mentoring science fair students.
co-Director, USA BioOlympic Team, 4 years -2012 - 2015. co-directed with Kathy Frame, Center for Excellence in Education, Washington, D.C.
Previously active in outreach and recruiting programs at Purdue University, SACNAS and ABRCMs.
Prior Director, SROP, Summer Research Opportunities Program, campus-wide undergraduate research program. 6 years, 2008 - 2014.
Courseware Development: co-author, Identibacter interactus, Bacteria ID. 
author; Protein Library, Unraveling the Mystery, interactive Molecules of Life.
Prior Teaching Experience: Instructional Computing, Systems Dynamics (STELLA™), Macromedia Director, Flash™, Adobe Photoshop™, QuickTime™, Renal Physiology Indiana University Medical