Chi Buu Bui


Name:             Chi Buu Bui

Sex:                 Male

Birth day:        June 8, 1953               

Birth place:      Hong Ngu, Dong Thap

Current address:          Institute of Agricultural Science for Southern Vietnam

121, Nguyen Binh Khiem Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Tel: +84-8-9100466, Mobil: 091-3-135660, Fax: +84-8-8297650      


Company name, address:

Institute of Agricultural Science for Southern Vietnam

121, Nguyen binh Khiem Street, District 1, Ho chi Minh City, Vietnam     


- Position: Principal Scientist (with the emphasis on Rice Genetics & Breeding)

Former Director General

  • Cuu Long Delta Rice Research Institute: 2002-2006
  • Institute of Agricultural Science for Southern Vietnam: 2006-2013

- Member of the State Council for Professor Promotion and Chairman of the Council for Professor Promotion in Agriculture and Forestry (2014-2018)






University of Agriculture and Forestry (UAF), Ho chi Minh City




Vietnam Agricultural Sciences Institute (VASI), Hanoi



Plant Breeding

Central Rice Research Institute (CRRI), Cuttack, India

PhD disssertation


Cytogenetics, and Quantitative genetics

International Rice Research Institute

PhD dissertation


(5 months)

Plant breeding (deepwater rice)

Biotechnology Center, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, USA



Genome analysis


International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB), Trieste, Italy



Genetically modified organism (GMO)


Research activities

  • Rice breeding with the emphasis on grain quality improvement, salt tolerance, and biotic stress resistance
  • Germplasm conservation with the emphasis on wild rice species
  • Molecular breeding on some biotic stresses such as blast, bacterial blight, brown planthopper and salt tolerance
  • Quantitative genetics: genetic structure analysis on sink and source relationship through triple test cross, genetic advance of selected multiple traits, selection index, and GxE interaction


  • Can Tho University: Plant breeding, Quantitative genetics, Molecular Biology (1993-2005)
  • University of Agriculture and Forestry (UAF), Hochi Minh City: Plant breeding, Molecular breeding (1994-2005), Molecular Genetics, Bioinformatics, Proteomics.
  • University of Ho Chi Minh City, College of Natural Sciences: Genetics, Agricultural Genetics (2002-2005)
  • An Giang University: Plant Biotechnology, Biometrics, Bioinformatics (2003-2005)

Adviser of PhD and MSc students

  • VASI (Vietnam Agricultural Sciences Institute), Ha Noi: from 1990 to 2002
  • Can Tho University from 1995 to 2008
  • UAF from 1999 to 2008

(Total 7 PhD scholars and  5 MSc scholars have been guided,  six of them submitted their PhD, and four submitted their MSc already)


Associate Professor:    1996

Professor:                      2004


Total research papers published: 288


  • Application of biotechnology for rice varietal improvement (1995). Nong nghiep publisher
  • Molecular genetics, Vol. I, Genome Analysis (1999). Nong nghiep publisher
  • Molecular genetics, Vol. II, Gene transformation (2000). Nong nghiep publisher
  • Quantitative genetics Text Book. (2003). Nong nghiep publisher
  • Genetic background on disease-resistant plant genotypes (2002). Nong nghiep publisher
  • Genetic background on abiotic stress tolerance in rice (Oryza sativa ). (2003). Nong Nghiep Publisher
  • Molecular Genetics, Second and Third Ed. (2004, 2008). Nong Nghiep Publisher
  • Molecular Biology. (2005). Nong Nghiep Publisher
  • Crop Breeding. (2007). Nong Nghiep Publisher
  • (2008). Nong Nghiep Publisher
  • (2014). Education Publisher (Vietnamese)
  • Genetic Engineering. (2015). Education Publisher (Vietnamese)

Other Books (public awareness)

  • General knowledge on rice exporting in Vietnam (2000). Nong Nghiep publisher
  • Aromatic rice of Vietnam. RK Singh, US Singh, and GS Khush Aromatic Rice, Science Publishers, Inc., USA, pp. 188-190
  • Nguyen Huu Nghia, Bui Chi Buu, Luu Ngoc Trinh, Le Vinh Thao. 2001. Speciality rice in Vietnam: breeding, production, and marketing. Pages 175-190, 191-200, and 201-206. Speciality Rices of the World: Breeding, Production, and Marketing. FAO. Science Publishers, Inc., USA

National Research Project

Project leader: National Agricultural Breeding (2001-2006)

Heat Tolerance Rice Breeding, Project Leader (2011-2014)

Rice P-deficiency Tolerance Breeding, Project Leader (2015-2017)

International Research Project

Regional Secretary of SABRAO (1999-2002, 2003-2005, 2006-2009, 2009-up to now)

Editor Board Member of RICE journal (2010 up to now)

Member of Plant Research Journal (Japan), Rice Genetics Cooperative (Japan, IRRI), Crop Science Journal (USA) (2000-2013)

The Rockefeller Foundation for Rice Biotechnology: Rice Genomics in Vietnam (principal investigator): 1997-2002

Collaborator of Functional Genomics by CAMBIA (Australia): transgenomics 2002-2005

Collaborator of Gene Flow Project by Ohio University (USA): 2002-2005

The highest award

Ho Chi Minh Award for Rice Breeding Team of CLRRI (2000) including ten persons

Senadhira Award for Rice Breeding, IRRI (2008)

Viet Talent Award for basic research outputs by GOV of Vietnam (2010)