Bao Chau Ngo

Prof. Bao Chau Ngo

Department of Mathematics
5734 University Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637-1514, USA 
Office: Eckhart 303 
Phone: (773) 702-7385


  • Spring 2016: Representation theory of p-adic reductive groups [notes]
  • Fall 2015: Elementary Number Theory
  • Spring 2015: Introduction to Drinfeld's shtuka
  • Winter 2014: Geometry of the Hitchin fibration
  • Spring 2013: Algebraic Number Theory
  • Spring 2012: Algebraic Number Theory
  • Spring 2011: Automorphic forms on GL(2)


  • PCMI Utah Lectures: Perverse sheaves and fundamental lemmas [PCMI.pdf]
  • with S. Cheng: On a conjecture of Braverman anh Kazhdan [BKGLn.pdf]


  • with A. Bouthier and Y. Sakellaridis: On the formal arc space of a reductive monoid [BNY.pdf]
  • with Le Hung and Ho: Average size of 2-Selmer groups of elliptic curves over function fields [bcq.pdf]
  • On a certain sum of L-functions [PS.pdf]
  • with Frenkel : Geometrization of the trace formula [geom.pdf]
  • with Frenkel and Langlands : Formule des traces et fonctorialité : le début d'un programme [quebec.pdf]
  • with Heinloth and Yun : Kloosterman sheaves for reductive groups [Kloosterman.pdf]
  • ICM report : Endoscopy theory of automorphic forms [ICM.pdf]
  • Le lemme fondamental pour les algè¨bres de Lie [LF.pdf]
  • more


  • Leonardo Da Vinci Lecture 2013 :  Arithmetic of certain integrable systems [Milan.pdf]
  • ICM in Hyderabad 2010 : Endoscopy theory of automorphic forms [ICM2010-talk.pdf]